ABOUT US - Solnyne Solutions

Solnyne Solutions is a leading energy company focusing on transition to clean energy by increasing the adoption of solar technology. We provide complete rooftop solar system for industrial, commercial and residential customers right from site audit to complete installation & commissioning.

Our goal is to increase the adoption of solar energy by making process simpler, faster supported by finance and technical guidance. We have highly skilled team having hands on experience in designing and commissioning different kinds of solar plants. We have worked with large real estate players, schools & colleges, bungalows and religious outfits.

The future is clean energy and solar is an extremely versatile technology promising a green future. So, if you are looking to adopt this great technology, you can trust us as of the leading solar system suppliers in Gujranwala. We have made many go green and save on their electricity bills by switching to solar energy. Along with our solar rooftop offerings we believe that we are also one of the top solar consultants in Gujranwala.

Our Vision

Solnyne Solution aims to promote solar energy and envisions a future where renewable energy sources will be predominant, breaking humanity's addiction to fossil fuels and changing our destructive habits in energy and resource consumption, leading to smarter and more efficient energy management and assuring our wellbeing, ultimately leading us to new frontiers.

Solnyne Solutions

Our Mission

Solnyne Solution aims to promote solar energy in Pakistan and implement efficient and optimal PV systems for clients to help protect the environment and reduce the damage caused by fossil fuels, utilizing the practically unlimited sunlight available in Pakistan.

Our Values







Message from CEO

Usman Bari Cheema

Solnyne Solution provides safe, reliable, sustainable and low-cost solar power solutions for personal, industrial and commercial energy needs. Solar energy is a revolution in the fight against climate change and Solnyne is at the forefront of this transformation.

Message from MD

Muhammad Naqash Ali

Solnyne is committed to promoting renewable energy in Pakistan and working exclusively on renewable energy projects. Solar energy is the most promising alternative due to its low environmental impact and high economic benefits. As Pakistan faces energy and environmental challenges, solar energy will increasingly play a vital role in the future. With solar energy, Pakistan can achieve energy security, meet the demands of a growing economy, and fulfill its climate commitments. Solnyne is dedicated to strengthening its capabilities and evolving as an organization to meet customer expectations.

Message from Director’s Engineering

Muhammad Haroon

Solnye Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers high-quality engineering solutions with a focus on customer satisfaction. Our priority is to maintain precision and excellence in our products and services through a comprehensive quality management system and internal performance reviews. Our aim is to become a leading engineering organization in Pakistan by utilizing our diverse experience and professional expertise to provide top-notch consultancy services to clients.

Our Process